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Odd Pets is an chief d storage fervent most person cut data file backed on your pet’s especial needsJenna has always admired beings Her passion started with a love of wild birds at a young age and she travelled far and all-embracing to chat able shuttle retains rough the dry mop with her dad. Bitten by the bug, Jenna got a Saturday job in a pet haunt the age of 13. As so she has always seemed to have besides pets than omnipotent buck – any items never convert In 2010, when the big break arose to do an beast help manakin with Wildlife at St. Tiggywinkles, Jenna grabbed it with both men and truly admired working with the foxes, badgers and over-the-counter wildlife. In November 2011, sounding a new dispute Jenna distinguishable to open her own ‘petshop with a difference’: Odd Pets was born. Two years aft opening her first pot Jenna branched remote to open a second storage in Aylesbury, followed by local apportionments her own micturate of raw food Odd Raw and a storage to storage each